In Jewish communities that use caskets, the casket must be made of wood. In the observance of Jewish tradition, the body should not decompose much sooner than the coffin. Traditional Jewish caskets are built to particular specifications. The list below are photos of our most popular Jewish Casket options. All of these caskets conform to Halakhic (Jewish) law in that they are manufactured completely free of metal.

Combining beauty and dignity with strict observance of Jewish tradition, this consumer-tested assortment of products reflects many years of experience in serving the Jewish community.

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Name / Model Description
Nahum Nahum Pine
No Interior
Kidron Kidron Pine
White Elite Interior
Adom Unfinished Adom Poplar
Ivory Crepe Interior
Finished Wood Basic I
Ophel Ophel Poplar & Veneer
Satin Golden Walnut Finish
Moselle Crepe Interior
Almond Pine-finished Almond Pine-Finished Pine
Dull Almond Pine Finish
Moselle Crepe Interior
Simeon Simeon Poplar
Satin Dark Antique Mahogany Finish
Moselle Crepe Interior
Finished Wood Basic II
Esrom Esrom Poplar
Satin Medium Cambridge Finish
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Benjamin Benjamin Oak
Matte Natural Finish
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Jahleel Jahleel Poplar
Satin Early American / Shaded Finish
Rosetac Crepe Interior
Obediah Obadiah Poplar
Gloss Dark Brooklyn Walnut Finish
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Finished Wood Premier I
David David
Satin Tutone Timber
Shaded Finish
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Sarah Sarah Oak
Satin Crimson Chestnut Finish
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Model No.: 5012709
Tohar Tohar Maple
Polished Caramel Finish
Natural Cotton Interior
Finished Wood Premier II
Jordan Jordan Maple
Polished Candleglo Birch Finish
Natural Cotton Interior
Shebat Shebat Mahogany
High Polished Centurey Finish
Champagne Weave Interior
Jerusalem Jerusalem Cherry
Polished Amber Finish
Arbutus Velvet Interior
Finished Wood Premier III
Joshua Joshua Cherry
Polished Cherrytone Finish
Beige Velvet Interior
Issacchar Issachar Walnut
Polished Natural Walnut Finish
Silver Beige Velvet Interior
Hezekiah Hezekiah Mahogany
Polished Custom Red Finish
Sand Velvet Interior